Welcome to my preferred online residence. Please settle in and get ready for an enchanting voyage. I sincerely hope you enjoy this enchanted journey into my fictitious universe of ideas and feelings.

white teacup filled with brown liquid near pink flower
white teacup filled with brown liquid near pink flower

Nushrate Ahmed

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My name is Nushrate Ahmed, and I'm a writer and artist. I started writing and illustrating in high school, and that was when I discovered my passion. Since the age of sixteen, I have been writing and sketching, and I still do. The majority of my works are influenced by realistic events and emotions from everyday life. I hope you may locate your favorite works and get inspired by them. Every single piece has a compelling message and voice. I sincerely hope you like reading and seeing my posts!

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We don't fall in love with the characters' looks while reading. We fall in love with them because of the things they say, believe, and feel. We get enamored of their souls.

"Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers."

- Isaac Asimov

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green notebook

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